Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Five Things

Which should probably be tweets, except that I’ve taken against twitter.

  1. If VW have invented a device which reduces emissions from the exhaust pipe, why don’t they just leave it switched on all the time?
  2. Why can’t I ever get past page 100 of War and Peace?  It’s not for lack of time or good intentions.
  3. After a court ruling in the US, you no longer need to pay composer royalties when you sing Happy Birthday to someone.  I’m assuming this is back-dated.
  4. Apparently, fidgeting whilst sitting around can prolong your life.  I am immortal!
  5. Am I alone in commiserating with the [alleged] pig?  Though it was probably grateful to be dead.


  1. I have no answer to most of those. But apparently, the royalties can be back-dated and it'll cost the owners of the arrangement of the tune millions of pounds, if people claim what they've paid. I've never paid anything, admittedly.

    And I think you should persevere with War and Peace. It gets better and better. Even in my barely-reading state, I can still enjoy it.

  2. No 1 is because it has a disastrous effect on fuel economy and performance

  3. I shall give W & P yet another go, Z. I'm usually okay with long books, but it is daunting, isn't it?

    Rog, I knew (or guessed) that, of course, was really just wondering why none of the journalists who've been reporting it seem to.

  4. I didn't know any of the answers either. It's a good job that you have other readers who are cleverer than me.

    I am currently re-reading W&P and I'm up to page 1108. It is hard going. I know it is a long book and nearly 20 years since I last read it but I am still surprised at how much of it I had forgotten.

  5. 1. Wot Rog said.
    2. You have managed 100 more pages than me - i salute you.
    3. I'll not be singing Happy Birthday (or anything else) just in case.
    4. I am not allowed to fidget.
    5. No, you are not alone.

  6. Liz - 1108? That's spectacular, must be at least halfway! (Though I know our Z would scoff.)

    Sir B - re #4, what are the sanctions?