Sunday, 1 October 2017


It’s funny how people deal with their own failures, isn’t it?
About twelve years ago I went to Witrose in my shiny new car to buy some stuff, I forget what.  As I was driving into the car park I noticed someone about to back out of a space straight ahead of me, so I flashed my lights and waited.
The driver behind me couldn’t wait the twenty or so seconds this manoeuvre would have taken, so he hooted.  I ignored this, so he decided to overtake me.  He did that rather badly – he drove into the side of my car.
I said a few not very well-chosen words.
“No need to swear,” he said.
We went and found parking spaces (the driver who’d been the innocent cause of the situation having long departed) and inspected the damage – surface scratches to my shiny new car, none visible on his old banger.
He started telling me I should have been signalling.  (I was going straight ahead.)  He told me I was holding everyone up.  (I was holding him up.)
I said: “Excuse me, you’ve just driven into the side of my car, and it’s my fault?” and walked away.



  1. Sadly he rationalised this in his head by the time he got back in the car. You on the other hand have been harbouring the sheer injustice for 12 years.
    Perhaps you can let it go now. Or we could crowd-source his identity and hunt him down ...

    1. I let it go 12 years ago, Rog. Have another look at the post title.

  2. I'm with Rog. let's find him and kick him in the trousers