Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Not much to report, really

I haven’t been blogging a lot recently, because things have been haywire, in both good and bad ways.  The bad bits, to apply a bit of perspective, are mostly to do with technology.  Why do inanimate chunks of expensive metals and plastic alter their behaviour without being told to?  Microsoft and Toshiba, I’m looking at you.  And Vodafone.  And BMW.
I daren’t even venture in the direction of the waste zones of news and politics and economics and all that, I’m not ready to kill myself or anyone else.
I can’t tell you about the good haywires either, because … well, just because.  I’ll come clean eventually (maybe).  Meanwhile, here’s a smidgeon of good cheer.

Oh, for avid longterm followers (both of you), the Caravan Is Open.


  1. Technology is marvellous, but only when it's working.
    Why do these things always fail in unison I wonder?

  2. ha! bet it's a woman : )

  3. A kind of inverse entropy?
    Looking forward to hearing about the good wires.

  4. You are a frightful tease Timothy

  5. If you're looking for the gin, you've left it in the flower border!

  6. Does IE faint then recover at random for anyone else? Come to think, does anyone but me use IE? Should I switch to Firefox? (I looked at Chrome, but it's horrible.)

    All right, you've guessed ...

  7. Chrome's not horrible, it just doesn't work well with Google products.
    I'm up and running at the new place. Wot larks. 1000 feet above the sea but much warmer than at the coast. Maybe everyone is though.

  8. 1000 feet is quite a climb after going in for a dip.