Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Christmas Card Audit 2015

I was going to blog about my post-it stickers, which read ‘claret’, ‘crisp horse beans’ and ‘eels’, but this is much more interesting, isn’t it?  Isn’t it?

Executive Summary:

Note: An audit was not carried out for 2014, for reasons of indolence.  Comparisons are therefore with the 2013 figures.

The most significant trends this year have been:
·         The Animals and Birds count has recovered encouragingly.  Indeed, I have thought it worthwhile to give a full breakdown of this category.  Robins remain consistent at 1.
·         Cute Children have, thankfully, been eliminated.
·         I have retained the category ‘Santas/Reindeer’, although there is only one card depicting a sleigh being pulled by reindeer, and Santa is not visible in this.  Indeed, there are no Santas at all!  What does this mean?  There are, however, several free-range reindeer, which are included in Animals’Birds.
·         Glued-on glitter is everywhere

The full figures (2013’s, where applicable, in brackets):

Snow/Snowmen/Snowflakes:               2 (6)
Santas/Reindeer:                                  1 (4)
Animals/Birds:                                     13 (4)
of which
Robins:                                     1 (1)
Free-range reindeer:                 4
Baby deer:                               3
Horses:                                     1
Dogs:                                       1
Ducks:                                     1
Owls:                                       1
Hedgehogs:                              1         
Landscapes:                                         4 (7)
Boats:                                                  1 (0)*
Nativities/Wise Men/Angels:                6 (4)
Christmas trees/Baubles:                      6 (5)
Comical:                                              2 (1)
Puddings:                                             0 (0)
Cute Children                                      0 (4)
Totally Abstract:                                  3 (0)
*To be fair, an RNLI card.

Special categories:

Homemade/designed:                          4 (4)
Cards with glued-on glitter:                  12 (3)
Ecards:                                                 0 (1)
Wonderfully weird:                             0 (3)

The Card of the Year award this year goes to my niece Georgie for a bauble card constructed from old buttons.  I haven’t illustrated it because it only really works in 3-D. 


  1. I tried to nick this idea off you a few years ago, but I see from my records that I forgot to do it last year and the year before. Clearly, I need to leave Christmas card auditing to the expert.

    Christmas cards are one of the few Christmas traditions that I enjoy, even this year when I have been feeling particularly bah humbug. We received a particularly nice selection of cards this year. Mind you, I am looking forward to taking them down and dismantling the tree so that I can clean the lounge properly.

    Happy New Year.

  2. Some of the cards received here were addressed to Z and LT. Which was lovely.

  3. E-Cards are the last refuge of the scoundrel. Robins are consistent.

  4. I can see from the above audit that I haven't put nearly enough detail in my audit. I really can't be bothered to go back and edit it but will do better next year. I did, however, give a bit more detail on the "assorted animals", by special request! We certainly missed out on the glitter this year but did have furry bobbles and sequins!