Wednesday, 16 December 2015


Isn’t it wonderful stuff?  It was invented as a by-product of the early space missions, supposedly, along with non-stick frying pans and computers that sometimes work …  And Principia is without doubt going to yield comparable benefits, in healthcare, metallurgy, nutrition and other areas that will probably slip in through the side door unnoticed and unpredicted, just like Velcro did back then.

And it’s also yielded a rather splendid metaphor.  Each of the two sides of a Velcro connection exists in its own right – they’re different and self-contained.  Yet they are incomplete until they join together and seal the gap.  A bit like two humans.  Z and me, in this case.


  1. Congratulations Tim. Very happy for you and Z.

  2. Yay! (as Z say) X

    But don't extend the metaphor too far: each bit of Velcro is rather useless without the other.

  3. And you've both met 'afore !
    I look forward to more and more abstruse metaphors and will prepare my Large stock of puns in readiness

  4. I'm feeling decidedly incomplete this week, I have to admit.

  5. Totally wonderful news about you two.
    Velcro is good too.

  6. Richard, you're right (as is often the case). This metaphor is hereby suspendered, I'll button my lip until I can think of a way of zipping the whole thing up.
    Rog - I look forward to many simile comments.
    Z - you are complete!
    And everyone - thank you hugely for your well-wishes.